A List of Common Queries at Your Disposal


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No. Medical aids do not at this stage  cover the costs of our services.

PERSONALITY CONFLICT – What happens if I do not like the caregiver assigned to me?

Sometimes in life, our personalities just do not click with a person for whatever reason, and it may take time to find the right person for you. Top priorities are that you are treated kindly and your care needs are being met but equally important, is to find someone, whom you feel comfortable and safe with. The caregiver too needs to feel appreciated, accepted, and happy and this is difficult if client is unhappy, despite her best efforts.


We need to remind our self, that any newcomer in the household will bring adjustment. Sometimes, having even the closest family member come to stay, can leave you feeling very enthusiastic about the day they leave to go home. In the beginning, it may feel like it is hard to relax in your own home.


An adjustment period is normal.  It is perfectly acceptable to raise issues with us, no matter how small. One of our biggest challenges is that many patients have had the care arranged for them without their approval and are negative right from the start.  This does not make it easy for the caregiver and we always encourage the person to let the adjustment period play out.  


At the end of the day, it is also perfectly acceptable for you to decide, that a caregiver is not the right one and that you wish to try someone new. We are always willing to make those changes for you.

CARE PLAN – How will my caregiver know what to do and what my needs are?

Nursing care planning begins at the first visit and is regularly updated in response to the clients change in condition. Each person will have their own care plan, which is unique, specific, and individually tailored.  Our Nursing Assessor will write up a care plan for you after having done the Care assessment.  Existing needs are identified, and potential needs and risks are recognised. 


It will outline and define the carers role when attending to patient care and provides direction and structure. It takes everything into account: Doctors orders, medication, pressure care, mobility, hygiene, toileting, as well as other simple needs such as cooking and light housekeeping.

It also allows the carer to document her actions and provide information and evidence that the care was provided. 


Planning and delivering individualized care is the basis for excellence in Nursing care. 

EMERGENCIES - What happens if there is an emergency during the day?


Each caregiver has had First aid training and is trained to act in an emergency.

A Care file is provided for each client and will remain in the home for the duration of our service.  It contains the client’s details, emergency contacts, preferred ambulance provider and their medical history for use in an emergency.  

RECORDING - Are any records kept about care delivered during the day?


In the Care file, you will find a daily care chart where the carers keep their records, showing all care provided during their shift.

LATE OR NON-ARRIVAL – What happens if my caregiver is late or if she/he did not arrive?


Please notify Charmaine at our offices if your caregiver does not arrive at the normal time. If the caregiver is running late, we always encourage them to let us know so that we can inform you.  If this becomes a regular happening, please let us know and we will deal with the situation as well as ensure that the time is not charged for.

THEFT – I am hesitant to have a caregiver in case she steals from me.

The most stringent security checks and background screening is done on each employee prior to their employment.  If you are concerned that something may be missing, please notify us immediately and we will investigate the matter without delay. Our staff are all aware that if there are any discrepancies, that they will be required to take a polygraph test which is done at our cost.