Measures and actions we are taking to protect our patients and staff:

The safety and well-being of our patients and our employees is our top priority. We realize that the elderly, the ill and those involved in providing care are all vulnerable and high risk and so have taken every precaution and measure possible to prevent transmission of Covid-19 infection. We have considered possible transmission from staff to patient and from patient to staff as well as family members and other healthcare role-players.


Our employees are provided with face masks, gloves, an apron, personal pocket size sanitizer, Covid-19 advice handbooks and are trained in accordance with specific hygiene protocols. Staff are undergoing continuous training with our emphasis being on strict personal distancing and reducing close contact when possible, good room ventilation, hand hygiene as well as maintaining personal health care and provision of psychological support.


A large 70% pump bottle of sanitizer is provided and placed at the entrance of each household, which we regularly refill free of charge.  Our nursing sister visits are done from a safe distance and strict hygiene and use of PPE’s and protocols for use, are in place for all visits and procedures.


After all of this, there is STILL a mitigating risk and one must accept that no matter where we are, there may a be a chance of infection. 


One is however, still safer at home than in a hospital or old age facility and our aim is for our patients to remain at home and receive any care and medical attention in the environment they feel most safe and familiar with.

Please click the buttons below to see our detailed staff protocol, employee screening form and more information from the National Institute for Communicable Diseases (NICD).