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A medical assessment is required for all full time care that we provide.

A nursing sister will visit the patient at home and will spend about an hour doing the physical assessment and medical history.

Using this information, a personalized care plan is drawn up. This is used during staff orientation to explain what is required to care for the patient. 

If she can suggest any nursing aids to make life a little easier such as toilet aids, shower chairs etc, she will advise you at the time as well as give referrals for the most affordable local suppliers.

Please have medications and a copy of your doctors prescription available if you wish for your Carer to administer medication.

We may not allow the caregiver to assist with any medication without a Doctor's prescription. 

If Morphine is to be administered, we require that a family member or a qualified nurse pre-measures and leave the prefilled syringes of oral morphine syrup or tablets for the caregiver in the daily doses as prescribed.  Only then will the caregiver be permitted to administer the medication.

Caregivers are nor permitted to give injections.

Once you have taken a look at our website, feel free to give Charmaine a call on :

  • 031-563 28 56
  • +2731 5632856 (international enquiries)  during office hours ( 0800 -1530 CAT) .

We will give you more information on our rates and service requirements.

Please note we cannot commence a service at short notice. An assessment must take place and we need time to assign the appropriate staff to your needs.

If you decide to use our services, then please do the following;

Step 1. Fill out the 2 pages of the on line booking form (see download below) which will provide us with the patient information and will indicate to us  which shifts and days that you will choose to have care.

Step 2. E-mail your completed forms to or fax to 0866 85 8888 .
Please note that we always do require someone to sign surety for the payment of the service. In some cases we can arrange for the paperwork to be collected from you. 

Step 3 .We will then book an assessment for the patient needing care.

Step 4. Please pay your deposit. A fully refundable deposit will need to be deposited into our bank account.  This deposit will be refunded on your last invoice

Only then will we be able to start the service.

Elderly care

Frail Care

Post-operative care

Respite Care

Palliative Care

Short/long term illnesses

The Nursing Assessment

Before we start, it is vital to know as much about the patient as possible. We need to find out the level of care needed, personal interests, likes and dislikes, daily routines, toiletry habits, hygiene needs, meals preferences as well as medical conditions and nursing needs.